Favourite design projects

here are some of my favourite ads from the past couple of years

Apple  'Bright Lights'   Megaforce

Zachary Heinzerling   Bold     Smirnoff Electric
Amir Chamdin    'H&M Summer Starts Here'     Strange Cargo
Joseph Carter & Rose James  '50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy'  SKY
 Megaforce     Riff Raff    Natwest 'Chair'     Set build London
Bob Harlow   Absolut 'Transform Today' Somesuch&co
Simon Ratigan   Total Yoghurt   HLA
                 WHO? Greatguns 'Virgin Trains Return of the Train'    Set Build London
            Aaron Bowen Bare Films 'O2 Bluebook'      Set Build Czech Repbulic
Gus Filgate   Little Fish   Total Yogurt    

   Tomas Mankovsky     Blink     'Eon'    Set Build Romania

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