Rob Sanders work

Here are a group of adverts and the feature film 'Petroleum Spirit' i have designed for Rob Sanders. I worked for Rob for over a decade, filming all over the world. We've created commercials for British Airways, Audi, VW, Lucozade, Orange, Tunisian Tourist Board, British Telecom, Land Rover, Renault, and many more.

Petroleum Spirit        Feature Film    Rob Sanders        Production Design Marco Puig
               Rob Sanders    Amarillo Films   'Orange Flowers'
            Rob Sanders    Amarillo Films   'Johnnie Walker- Striding Man' 
           Rob Sanders    Amarillo Films   'Renault Megane' 
              Rob Sanders    Amarillo Films   'Land Rover'  
               Rob Sanders    Amarillo Films   'Audi'
             Rob Sanders Amarillo Films VW 'Icons'
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